Hello, I’m Patrice

Nurse, Change Agent, Crafter & Entrepreneur

Work With Me

PSD Consulting Group offers strategic planning and program development consulting services.

So many things, so little time…

While I absolutely love my company, PSD Consulting Group, this is about the whole me.

I consist of so many things as all of us do. There are many adjectives and/or nouns that can accurately describe me, but most of all I am a work in progress.

I made a commitment to myself years ago that in order to make a difference, as I feel I was called to do, I needed to take less from the world than I gave. For me, that is using those gifts, blessings, experiences, and what have you. I believe I do this in my professional world very well and work for the greater good. However, I often feel there is more to be done in other areas.

In the same vein (nurse pun), I feel my hands are tied and I do not know where to start to have a meaningful impact. I am sure others feel that way and this is my way of putting that out into the world and connecting with others. If there is a ripple effect or someone happens to read this and has actionable ideas, please connect.